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Monster-Man frightens Rabbit-Man

"No, no sir," says the pet store clerk Arnold. "I have not seen the Monster-Man since yesterday."
"Did he buy anything?", inquires Rabbit-Man.
"NO, NO...he didn't buy anything! No, no, nothing!", implores Arnold, in a very nervous tone.
"Liar! You lie. YOU LIE!!", accuses Rabbit-Man.
"No, no please no!"
"Tell me the truth! WHAT DID HE BUY?!!"
"He was tall and hairy and had horrible huge mean teeth. He was awful! AWFUL!"
"You anger me Arnold. Answer my question. SPEAK!!!"
"No, er, I mean....I must feed the hamsters."
"Enough! If you do not tell me the truth, I shall bounce on your floor until the tenants below us become angry!"
"NO, NO, DON'T DO THAT! Anything but that!" Arnold steps back terrified, because he knows all too well what will happen if the neighbor downstairs becomes. . . angry.

"Alright, if you do not tell me I shall start my bouncing. Here I -"
"Alright! Alright! I give up, I'll tell you. The Monster-Man threatened my life, but what you propose to do is much, much more horrible."
"Speak!", demands Rabbit-Man.
"He came in yesterday. He bought a cute little yellow doggie, with a collar, engraved tags and that's all."
"That's all?", inquires Rabbit-Man while wiggling his nose in deep bunny thought.
"That's all. Now I must feed the -"
"One more question", interrupts Rabbit-Man. "You say he purchased 'engraved dog tags', correct?"
"What was the address on those dog tags?"
"No, I don't know!", blurts Arnold. "I mean I forgot -- there was no address."
"WHAT WAS THE ADDRESS!", screams Rabbit-Man. He knows he has cornered Arnold. Rabbit-Man knows that this address is where he can find the elusive, but terrible Monster-Man!
"No, I don't know -- I DON'T KNOW!"
"Yes you do, or I will be forced to bounce!"
"No, no --- don't bounce!"
"Tell me the address --- NOW!!"
"I can't. . . I mean I don't know!"
"Alright then, I shall bounce." Rabbit-Man begins bouncing. Arnold cringes behind the store counter. He can only hope the tenant below is not at home.

PAH-OING! PAH-OING! PAH-OING! Rabbit-Man bounces in Elephant-bunny style across the room, shaking shelves and animal cages everywhere he goes. And then, suddenly, a knock on the door is heard.

"You are in big trouble now Arnold," says Rabbit-Man, finally stopping. He walks over to the door with a confident grin on his furry face. He opens the door.


Rabbit-Man is terrified.

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