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Once upon a time there was a rabbit . . . You must remember that -- in this far-flung and futuristic time -- it is considered normal to view rabbits as not only small, furry rodents, but also as beings having a degree of intelligence which enables them to not only eat, sleep, and (of course) reproduce, but also to participate as active and aware citizens of their respective nations. No longer are they referred to as "rabbits", but "rabbit-beings," as homosapiens are referred to as "human-beings."

Even though in the practices of a religious and somewhat Victorian society which espouses a separation of the species there have been isolated instances of matings between human and (gasp) rabbit-beings. In all of these cases the offspring have been born so hideously deformed that each was unable to survive more than a few minutes.

One day there was such a birth which oddly enough went completely unnoticed. The child looked exactly like any other infant of a rabbit-being. True, the child was a bit larger than other infants of his species and its young nose was not as active, but, nevertheless, to all concerned, it was of the rabbit species. Unknown to all, except the child's mother, was that this was the first, and only, living half-rabbit / half-man in all the world.

As he grew older, Rabbit-Man began to stand out from the crowd. In school, he proved to have more insight and adaptability than his other classmates, who were human, rodent, lizard, and various other species. He was a natural at winning contests due to his cunning and his advanced, intellectual traits of deceiving not only his opponents, but also himself. His awesome powers of concentration and self-confidence made him always elusive, if not impossible to outwit, especially if he was not paying the least bit of attention to what was actually going on. Together these, with his rabbit dexterity and quickness, made him more than a rabbit, and. . . more than a man. . . (or less of either kind but finally making a whole mess of something else) . . .


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