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The various interests of Mr. Toad...

Hello! Welcome to my web page! I am Mr. Toad, the Almighty Amphibeous Priest of the Lost Abooboo Realm. (That's right, you can click on that and find out what that means.) I am currently in a garage rock band known as The Political Blockheads. Check out our web page! Download some of our speaches, buy our CD! I am also a beer swilling member of the BellAholics. Oh, and here is a self-portrait I did back in 1979...

Willie Spies a Businessman in 'A Frog Saw Me' Part 6

the Writings of Quiggly Adams

Hello. I am Quiggly Adams, a writer of humorous and odd stories. My thanks to Mr. Toad and Tripod for making room on his web site for me. (I deserve my OWN page - I mean heck! I wrote all his best stuff! But Mr. Toad says my page wasn't getting enough hits, whatever that means... Oh well, I am grateful to have at least this much.)

Stories and web pages by Quiggly Adams

If you wish to contact me, please contact my agent at

- Quiggly Adams

And yes, Mr. Toad is amphibious -- I WILL DIE WITHOUT BEER!!! Luckily, I do not have to drink alone...

Welcome Back!

I am a proud member of in the Washington, DC area.