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Rabbit-Man Besieged by Japanese Tourists

(Alpine Adventure #2)

A lonely young man in the outskirts of a small village is tired and seeks a place of rest for the evening. He has been on a long journey. An old, warmly smoking chimney of a farmhouse is a comforting site. He knocks on the door.

"Who is it?", says a voice from within.

"I, Hans Schmitt, a weary traveler who is in need of food and shelter. I have a little money. . ."

The door opens. An elderly man faces him.

"How much?", asks the old man.

"Twenty-five francs," says Hans.

"Very well, come in." The old man continues, "This is my wife, Gretchin and I am Helmut Hammerstaf. My daughter is at school now, and her name is Gretel. You may do as you wish in this house, but. . ." The old man, Helmut, steps up close to Hans and glares intensely at him, "Leave my daughter alone!"

Hans feels a bit shaken at the old man's outburst, but replies, "You have my word of honor, sir."

The old man nods his head and walks back, while his wife enters the kitchen to prepare something to eat for their new guest.

Later that evening, Gretel arrives and all become better acquainted. After several delightful card games, and rousing conversations, some between Hans and the lovely Gretel, the four retire to bed.

Gretel is unable to sleep and restlessly paces the floor. Before long, she hears a light knock on the door. It is Hans. They decide to run off together to Italy, and so she packs her things, and they elope. . .

Downstairs, Helmut is sleeping comfortably with his wife. All is peaceful and quiet.


A thunderous sound of destruction is heard! Helmut leaps out of bed. "Gretel!", he yells. Grabbing his shotgun, he runs upstairs to her room where he can still hear an array of noises. He throws the door open. "WHO THE BLAZES ARE YOU?!?!"

"I. . . am Rabbit-Man," says our hero. "I am most sorry for this inconvenience. I made a rather loud and messy landing."

It is at this point that Helmut notices a large hole in the ceiling of his daughters' room. HIS DAUGHTER! "Where is my daughter?!!"

"I would be most eager to help you. Do you have a description of her?", questions Rabbit-Man.

"She is eighteen years old, blonde, - and last in this room!"

"Oh, I've already checked the room, and it was quite vacant when I entered, I assure you. Luckily, no-one was hurt," explains the ever-thoughful Rabbit-Man.

Suddenly, a group of fifteen Japanese tourists enter the room. They are very excited. A Japanese man with a camera approaches Rabbit-Man and says, "Meester Rabbit-Man, please, a photo, of you with my children and wife. . . please."

"Why certainly," replies Rabbit-Man.

Click. Click.

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