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The Molsonites Web Ring

Molsonites LIVE!

This Ring of Molsonites site
is being maintained by
Anthony Ligafi.
Belonging to everyone.

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How to Join - Step 1.
Fill out the form below and get your Ring ID Number.

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How to Join - Step 2
You will now need to put HTML code on your web page. Not a big deal -- it's already written! But, before you copy it, note the following three items:

Those three items are unique to your particular html code. Don't forget to replace them with your unique information. Here's the html:

<!-- begin Molsonites html fragment -->
<CENTER><TABLE border=3 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><TR><TD><A
SRC="molsonite.gif" ALT="Molsonites Web Ring" BORDER=0></TD><TD
of Molsonites</A> site<BR> is being maintained by<BR> <A
Belonging to everyone. <P>
[ <A
| <A
HREF="">Skip It</A>
| <A
HREF="">Next 5</A>
| <A
| <A
] </TD> <TD><A
SRC="molsonite.gif" ALT="Join the Molsonites" border=0></A></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER>
<!-- end Molsonites html fragment -->

When you are done, it should look like this:

Molsonites Web Ring

This Ring of Molsonites site
is being maintained by
Belonging to everyone.

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How to Join - Step 3
Finally, all you need to do is to get someone to add you to the ring. I would suggest finding a
Random ring member and asking them to. And yes, we're lazy, so you may have to ask a few of us before you get any results -- but don't stop trying, it shouldn't take us long!

And since you are here, you might be interested in this web site too!

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Visit Pubmates International.

The remaining information on this page is for our current molsonite members.

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As a Member of the Molsonites you can add other sites to the ring. Why? Because the Molsonites Web Ring belongs to EVERYBODY! (Well, Members that is...) To add another site, you will have referred the new site to register, using the form above. Once that's done, enter their site ID number below and click test.
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