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BellAholics in Atlantic City, NJ
February 17-19, 2001

Alien enjoys a beer while reading the paper Look! It's Tom & his Mistress on their first BellAholic trip together.
Traveling first class from Union Station on the train, everyone's enjoying the ride.

But wait! Who's that behind Tom & Mistress? Is that guy holding a... a brownie? No, it isn't our current BellAholics Beer Meister Z, it's our a clean-shaven, gambler high-roller: Vick Vegas!!

Tom, Mistress, Z & Mr. Toad waiting for the transfer in Philadelphia, PA, to the AC Express. Everyone is having a great time, but we are all a bit sad that Tulsa did not make it, especially all of us knowing how much he was looking forward to joining us.

Note the tall building in the background behind Mr. Toad and Z - oops - I mean Vick Vegas. At the very top of this building is a tall diamond shape, and within it is a perfect square in which the sky is shining through. Vick Vegas explains that this is "the source of all truth and joy in the world".

Back on the train again - on the AC Express! ALIEN clearly thinks there is something very funny about Egg Harbor, New Jersey...

or some bizarre insight from Vick Vegas at his side...

or more likely, Mr. Toad falling down trying to get the shot!

This is it:


We have Arrived!!!

Z, Alien and Mr. Toad stayed at the Continental Hotel, a really fun hotel right off the boardwark next to the Sands Casino in downtown Atlantic City.

Knowing that Mistress and Tom have invited us to their hotel room at Caesars for cocktails, Z gets out the supplies... BellAholics are well prepared!

Happy Hour at Tom & Mistress's Hotel Room...

... and look who arrives! It's TULSA!!! He missed the train and had to catch the next one. Let the party begin!

Tulsa shows his prowess at the Slot Machines... "If you're gonna play slots, find a babe to sit next to. Who knows, you might get lucky!"

However, Z and ALIEN appear to be more interested in the woman giving away the free drinks.

Back in the hotel, Vick Vegas and ALIEN look on in disgust, as Mr. Toad blocks the television set to audition for the "Attractive Clown Network".

Alien comments, "You know, it would be nice if we had a remote control for Toad..."

Onto another day.... Lunch at Caesars. We had to go to the bar, because the buffet line was 45 minutes at least. But that didn't stop us from drinking free mimosas all morning while waiting in the buffet line!

Seated are ALIEN, TULSA, TOM and MISTRESS. (Mr. Toad is taking the picture) ... So where is Z - ah, I mean Vick Vegas??? No one seems to know.

Now things are starting to get weird.

Tom and his Mistress decide to return home. Tulsa suddenly bolts for the Roulette table, rarely to be seen again!

Mr. Toad decides to go for a walk on the boardwalk...

and then down to the beach.

What is this?! What abomination is this?!! Unbelieveable!!! There on the beach, thousands of dead and horribly mutilated Scooby-Dos! Yes, this is a New Jersey beach, so it's not to be unexpected, but still, Mr. Toad is shocked and stunned... The carnage is just too gruesome and hideous to photograph.

However, he does find two Scooby-Dos that appear to still be alive. Using his Toad magic, and a fortified screwdriver, he nurses them back to health!

Mr. Toad tries Video Poker, but has very little luck at it, unlike Alien, who wins big and decides to buy the Trump Taj Mahal Casino.

Vick Vegas is still missing... We wonder what happened to him.

Time to check out of our hotel...

And hop on the train, to leave Atlantic City far behind. Farewell! Farewell!!

Z returns with us, and no longer is his name Vick Vegas.

It turns out he was playing poker at the Tropicana ... for 18 hours straight! The man is a madman! It's no wonder he sleeps all the way home.